Time in video, internet, in general.

6 Dec

              Time seems to be a very important part of any video whether people agree with it or not.  Regardless of the point of a video, the viewer always watches the video for a certain “time.”  On YouTube and most internet related video arts, time is not so long.  People that use the internet to view videos and entertain themselves with YouTube and the like are very impatient.  If a video does not cut to the point or isn’t short and sweet, then usually it will not do well as an art.  There are exceptions to this.  If a video is meant to be an ongoing episode or a short film and the content is very well comprised, then and only then can it run for a long period of time.  Otherwise the viewer gets bored or loses focus. 

             For our Art Video, I felt like the longer a video went on, the less entertaining it was for the most part with a few exceptions.  Our group tried to make it as short as possible, otherwise the punchline of subtraction would have been dulled significantly.  Some of the videos we watched in class would have been much more effective if shortened, even a little bit.  While other videos, I could have watched for the full duration.  I feel that time is heavily reliant on content these days more than anything.  The internet is a beautiful thing but I honestly feel that it shortens people’s attention span drastically.  With this said, most of the time for an art video, I believe it should be simplified as much as possible without losing the audience.


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